Deb Latewood


Deb opened Fairytales Bourne street in 2003 after working in the profession for 15 years, having managed the original site for 10 years she opened Fairytales St james road site one in 2016 and site two in 2019.

Sarah Counsell

Lead Manager

Sarah joined Fairytales in 2004 at Bourne street as Deputy manager, she moved to Manager of St james road when it opened and has successfully ran the site since.

Sarah Latewood

Nursery Manager

Sarah Joined Fairytales in 2018 as Deputy manager at St james road, she has since moved to Bourne street to become Manager

Lisa Vickers

Deputy Manager

Lisa joined Fairytales in 2005 and has worked at both nursery sites, Lisa has worked alongside managers ensuring our nursery is the best it can be she started as in the rooms became a room leader then Deputy

Jess Hipkiss

Deputy Manager

Jess started at Fairytales in 2013 and has worked at both nurseries she worked as a room leader until 2022 she was promoted to Deputy Manager