How we are saving the world!!

Fairytales annual waste 

Nappies/ wipes We dispose of 90-100 nappies per day This equates to 500 approx per week

 25,500,000 nappies per year 

All these go to landfill and will take 50-70 years to decompose 

Single use plasticwe have made progress here but still use 4 bin bags per day 20 bags per week

 1020 per year These take 3-6 months to decompose 

Plastic milk bottles we have 20 bottles per week That’s 1020 per year

 Paper waste One tree makes 16.67 reams of copy paper 

We use on average 120 reams per year 

We kill over 7 trees per year and do not replant

we now provide reusable washable nappies, 

we have cut as many bin bags as possible

we have started having milk in glass bottles

we recycle everything we can