Fairytales Day Nurseries

We are three private settings in Dudley town centre offering childcare for families with children aged from 3 months to 9 years

Fairytales Bourne Street was established in 2003
Fairytales 2/3 in St James's Road was established in 2006

We aim to provide a loving and caring environment for children to be able to learn in and be happy when away from their families, we have a team of dedicated staff who work hard to look after the children as if they were their own. 

We cater for all children and have on site cooks who can provide dietary requirements as needed.

We offer Formula milk of your choice to all under one year olds and we provide reusable nappies as we pave the way forward to helping save our children's futures. 

We offer a range of facilities for all families

We are happy to offer funded places for families, this includes Times for twos and the 15 hours - three year funding

We are able to accept any childcare vouchers and we also accept payments from the Tax free childcare scheme 

Staff have a range of qualifications from level 2 in Early years right through to  level 7, this enables us to have the best knowledge available.

All staff are fully vetted to enable a secure environment for your child and all staff are first aid trained. staff have a comprehensive training platform to ensure their knowledge is updated.

The Curious Nursery imageThe Curious Nursery imageThe Curious Nursery image
In a technology ruled world, we feel that little minds get lost in the flashing and loud noises of screens, whether they be computer or phones, we feel that children need to be able to explore, develop their thinking and engage in the real world where problem solving is key.

At Fairytales we follow The Curiosity Approach a modern approachfor practitoners to really engage with the children and get back to basics

The Curiosity Approach aims to create ‘thinkers & doers’ by putting the child at the centre of their own development and education. Modern toys and technology are removed from the learning environment and replaced with everyday items to encourage children’s natural curiosity and eagerness to explore and create.
The Curiosity Approach draws from various other philosophies of early years education, including the Reggio Emilia approach, Te Whãriki, Montessori, Pikler and Steiner.

A Curiosity Approach setting is painted in neutral colours and filled with easily accessible, loose resources. But unlike what you may see at other nurseries, such as plastic toys, the children are instead presented with ordinary, real-life items made of wood or other natural materials.
This encourages the child to create their own toys to play with while simultaneously learning about the world they will eventually venture into. The children essentially go back to basics and have to use their imagination to figure out what each item is for and how to use it rather than being given a toy with a fixed identity which shapes how a child will play it. The Curiosity Approach gives the children control to shape the play, rather than the toy shaping and limiting the play.

We are proud to announce that in February 2022 we became an accredited setting a true accolade for all the staff

Another Award 2022

Another Award 2022

So we did it again> Nominated for the Greater Birmingham Apprenticeship Awards Against other great companies and shortlisted to the final 3 and we won!!!! November 22

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Best Childcare Provider 2022

Best Childcare Provider 2022

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National Nursery recognition 2019

National Nursery recognition 2019

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daynurseries.co.uk- Top 10

daynurseries.co.uk- Top 10

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Full Day Care

We offer full time childcare Monday through Friday 51 weeks per year we are open from 7a.m to 6.30p.m this covers children aged 3 months to 4 Years Within full day care all hours are covered if needed as is food, drinks, formula milk and nappies Holiday reduction in fees is allowed for two weeks per year and as we are closed for Christmas fees are not charged

Term time only care

We offer term time only care to allow for flexibility for people who need it, this covers children aged 3 months to 4 years With term time only you only pay for the non school holiday dates and we will hold you space for you when you aren't in attendance. All services are the same as full time attendance but with the flexibility of the choice to save money. Holiday times can be booked if required on a weekly basis

School children clubs

We collect from several local schools every evening and offer a homework club from 3.15 - 5.45. We can arrange collection of your child by walking or by car. We also offer a holiday club for children aged 4 - 9 years this is open all holidays for 8-5.45 Meal drinks are included in the price as are nursery based activities, we encourage creative activities when with us to try and gear away from school. Trips are organised at extra costs and are booked in advance

Deb Latewood


Deb opened Fairytales Bourne street in 2003 after working in the profession for 15 years, having managed the original site for 10 years she opened Fairytales St james road site one in 2016 and site two in 2019.

Sarah Counsell

Lead Manager

Sarah joined Fairytales in 2004 at Bourne street as Deputy manager, she moved to Manager of St james road when it opened and has successfully ran the site since.

Sarah Latewood

Nursery Manager

Sarah Joined Fairytales in 2018 as Deputy manager at St james road, she has since moved to Bourne street to become Manager

Lisa Vickers

Deputy Manager

Lisa joined Fairytales in 2005 and has worked at both nursery sites, Lisa has worked alongside managers ensuring our nursery is the best it can be she started as in the rooms became a room leader then Deputy

Jess Hipkiss

Deputy Manager

Jess started at Fairytales in 2013 and has worked at both nurseries she worked as a room leader until 2022 she was promoted to Deputy Manager

Tracey Davies

Room Leader

Tracey started with Fairytales in 2003 as a student and then joined after qualifying as a full time staff member, she was promoted to Room leader and has worked at both settings

Shelley Hardy

Room Leader

Shelley started Fairytales as an apprentice and stayed on afterwards she joined us in 2004 and worked in the rooms until she was promoted to room leader

Leeigh Hill

Room Leader

Leeigh joined Fairytales in 2005 and has worked at both nurseries as a staff member she wasthen promoted to a room leader

Tanya Ward

Room Leader

Tanya joined Fairytales in 2010 and has worked at both nurseries as a staff member until she was promoted to room leader

Beth Bridge

Room Leader

Beth joined us as an apprentice in 2016 and stayed with us as a room member of staff, she has worked at both nurseries and has now been promoted to room leader

  • Fairytales 1 Bourne Street, Dudley, 01384 230400
  • Fairytales 2/3 27-29 St James Road Dudley- 01384 823425

Please contact us and we will discuss options for you and arrange for a viewing